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Assessment and Treatment Services 

Assessment and individual therapy sessions (in-person or telehealth by video-conference or phone) as well as time rendered for completing assessment reports and forms are billed at the regular hourly rate of $230.00. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2024, DR. DUECK'S HOURLY RATE WILL INCREASE TO $235 FOR NEW CLIENTS. This rate is based upon the recommended fee set by the Psychological Association of BC. Sessions (or reports/forms) of a shorter duration (e.g., 30 minutes) or longer duration (e.g., 90 minutes) can be arranged and pro-rated based upon the hourly rate. Telephone conversations with you between sessions or any third-party, file reviews, and reports/forms exceeding ten minutes will be billed in 15-minute increments at the regular hourly rate.


Psychological services are not covered under the Medical Services Plan of BC. However, the following funding sources may be available:

Extended Health Benefits: Clients who have extended health benefits, or who are covered by a family member’s extended health benefits, may submit receipts for partial reimbursement. Please check with your insurance company to find out the amount of your annual coverage for services from a Registered Psychologist.

RCMP, Veterans Affairs Canada, Canadian Armed Forces: Dr. Dueck is an approved mental health treatment provider with Medavie Blue Cross. If you are a member of one of these organizations, please check the Medavie Blue Cross website for additional information regarding for mental health services from a Registered Psychologist.

ICBC: Dr. Dueck is also an approved treatment provider for ICBC. If you have been in a motor vehicle accident and need psychological treatment, you may be eligible for ICBC-funded treatment (please check this link for more information). 

WorkSafe BC and Disability Insurance: If you are receiving short-term or long-term benefits from WorkSafe BC or a disability insurance company, psychological treatment may be funded. However, you will need to be referred to me through the insurance company and pre-approved by your case manager or adjuster.

Income Tax Deduction: Psychologists’ fees are income tax deductible as medical expenses. Please consult your tax preparation expert for details and conditions.




Dr. Dueck will discuss payment options prior to and at your first session and will take payments at the end of each session. Payment may be made by cash, credit card, e-transfer to, or cheque. If you choose to pay by credit card, you can set this up through Dr. Dueck's secure on-line scheduling and billing platform. Upon request, further instructions on how to make credit card payments can be provided to you. You will also receive a receipt for payments made to Dr. Dueck. If you have eligible extended health benefit information, you may be able to submit your receipts for reimbursement. At this time, Dr. Dueck is not yet set up for direct billing to insurance companies other than Medavie Blue Cross.

 Making Payments 

Other Information 

If there are arrangements by a third party (e.g., an insurance company) to fund your assessment and/or treatment sessions, Dr. Dueck will bill the third party directly and this funding agreement will be made in advance of providing services to you. If the third-party refuses to pay for sessions or reports requested, you will be responsible for the payment.


At this time, Dr. Dueck is not yet set up for direct billing to insurance companies other than Medavie Blue Cross.

Fees are subject to increases and Dr. Dueck will provide six-weeks notice of a fee increase.

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